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Lesson 35

Psalms 69




  1. vss. 1-2
  2. vss. 5-12
  3. vss. 13-19
  4. vss. 29-21
  5. vss. 22-28
  6. vss. 29-33
  7. vss. 34-36
____Verses 14-15 refer back to the figure used in these verses.
____There is a prayer for deliverance throughout this section.
____In this section the psalmist states that is affliction is the result of his faithfulness to God.
____This section is made up of pleas for the wicked to be punished.
____If David wrote this psalm as indicated by the title, these verses were probably added by someone else after Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians. (cf 51:18-19, 106:47-48)
____These verses describe the lack of sympathy and comfort extended to the psalmist in his affliction.
____In this section, the psalmist promises to praise God and give thanks for his salvation.



  1. Some have conjectured that Jeremiah was the author of this psalm. Which verses are more easily explained by the pen of Jeremiah that David?

  2. List the people, or groups of people, to whom parts of Psalm 69 are applied in the following passages: John 2:17, 19:28-30, Acts 1:20, Romans 11:9-10, 15:3. Also, give the verse or verses of Psalm 69 that are applied in each case.

  3. Did the psalmist originally have in mind all those to whom his words are applied in the Net Testament?

  4. Comment on the meaning of "accomplished" (NASB–"fulfilled") in John 19:28.