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Lesson 31

Psalm 55


  1. If this psalm had been in the first book rather than the second book, instead of "God" in verse one, you would have expected to find what word?

  2. Do verses 1-5 describe a time of guilt, peace, victory, or persecution?

  3. What is it that the psalmist desires? (verses 6-8)

  4. From whom does he expect this to come? (give a verse reference to support your answer)

  5. What is meant by the phrase, "Destroy, O lord, and divide their tongue"? (verse 9; cf, Genesis 10:35, 11:1-9, and Isaiah 19:3)

  6. To what city does David refer, and who went "about it upon the walls thereof"? (verses 9-10, cf. verse 3)
  7. Compare verses 12-14 with Psalm 41:9. Who might have been the "familiar friend"? (cf. II Samuel 15:12, 31)

  8. What is the significance of going "down alive into Sheol"? (Note the first part of verse 15 as well as Numbers 16: 31-33)

  9. Is it wrong to repeatedly ask God for the same favor? (Cite a verse in this psalm to support your answer, as well as any passages in the New Testament that you might think of)

  10. In whom is there no change?

  11. On verse 23, compare Prov. 10:27.