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Lesson 29

Psalm 39

1. (39:1) While the wicked was in the presence of the psalmist, he would not do what? Why not?

2. (39:2) What was the result of his self-imposed silence?

3. (39:4-6) When the psalmist finally spoke, what did he say about the length of man's life?

4. (39:4) What is meant by the words, "how frail I am"? (NASB--"how transient I am")

5. (39:6) What is the point of the last half of verse six?

6. (39:7) In view of the brevity of earthly life, what should man put his hope in?

7. (39:12) In what sense were David and his fathers strangers and sojourners? (cf. I Chronicles 29:15, Hebrews 11:13, I peter 2:11)

8. (39:10-13) In the KJV and ASV, verse 13 begins, " spare me...". In the ASV, a footnote reads, "O look away.....", in what sense did David desire that God look away from him before he died?