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Lesson 26

Psalms 31 & 35


Psalm 31  
31:1 How would David have been put to shame? (cf. verse 17, Psalm 25:2)
31:3 David asked God to lead him and guide him for what cause?
31:5 On what occasion did Jesus speak the words of the first part of this verse?
31:6 In this verse, what is the opposite of regarding "lying vanities"?
31:9-13 Although David trusts that God takes care of him, how does he describe his life in these verses?
  What is meant by a dead man being "out of mind"/
31:17 In what sense is Sheol used here: As the grave, with no recognition of existence beyond? As the realm of only the wicked dead? As the realm of existence for all the dead? (see Psalm 115:1-8, 16-18)
31:18 What would make the lying lips be dumb, or be put to silence?
31:22 Explain this verse.

Psalm 35  
35:1-3 What did David ask God to do?
35:5 What is chaff?
  David desired that his enemies be like chaff in what sense? (cf. Psalm 1:1-4, Isaiah 7:23, Hosea 13:3)
35:6 What did David ask concerning his enemies' escape?
35:5-8 Did David ask that his enemies be killed, and if so was he right in doing so? (cf. Deuteronomy 19:15:21, Psalm 35:11)
35:10 Who delivers the poor from him that is too strong for him?
35:11 Give an example of an occasion when David's enemies were unrighteous witnesses against him. (1 Samuel 24:9)
35:13-15 How had David's treatment of thee men in their sickness differed from their treatment of him in his adversity?
35:17 What is "my darling" (KJV, ASV_? (see footnote and/or additional translations)
35:21 "Aha, Aha, our eye hath seen it". Hath seen what? (cf. verse 25, Psalm 22:20)
35:22 What has Jehovah seen?


  1. Verses one through _________ are David's prayer to God concerning his enemies.

  2. Verses ___________ through ten are the words of thanksgiving that David would offer for God's salvation and deliverance.

  3. Verses eleven through __________ are David's complaint against those who have accused him falsely and his plea for God's judgement against them.

  4. Verses __________ through 28 are the words of praise to God from David and the righteous.