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Lesson 25

Psalms 28 & 29


  1. What is meant by, "the pit" in verse one, and why is this an appropriate term? (cf. Isaiah 14:15, Genesis 37: 22-24, Isaiah 24:22)

  2. Did David ask God not to draw him away into sin, or into judgment for sin? (cf. Psalm 26:9)

  3. Explain the behavior described in the last half of verse three.

  4. Either by comparing other translations, or by reading all the definitions of "desert" in an English dictionary, determine what "desert" means in the ASV and KJV at Psalm 28:4.

  5. Jehovah is whose strength? (28:8)

  6. What is God's "inheritance"? (28:9)


  1. To what does "them" refer? (29:5-6)

  2. What were Lebanon and Sirion? (Judges 3:3, Deuteronomy 3:8-9)

  3. List the different things which God's voice controls according to verses 3-10.