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Lesson 18

Psalm 16

READ: Psalm 16, Acts 2:22-35, 13:34-39

  1. Peter asserted that David spoke of whom?

  2. According to Peter, what was the proof that David was not speaking himself? (Acts 2:29, 13:36-37)

  3. Explain the Kings James translation of Acts 2:31, which seems to teach that the Christ was in hell.

  4. According to Peter, was David aware of the fact that he was speaking of someone other that himself?

  5. Are the words of Psalm 16:8 to be understood as David's concerning himself, or as the Christ's? (Acts 2:25, Psalm 110:1, 5, Acts 2:33-34)

  6. How many verses of the 16 Psalm were quoted by Peter on the day of Pentecost?

  7. How many of these verses are concerning the Christ?

  8. How much of the 16 Psalm is messianic?

  9. What words have been added in Psalm 16: 2 by the translators? (KJV and ASV only)