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Lesson 16

Psalms 11 & 12

READ: Psalms 11 & 12

Psalm 11:1 In this psalm, David speaks to those who say what?
11:1ff The words of David's counselors continue through how many verses of this psalm?
11:? In what verse does David's answer begin?
11:2 How is the metaphor of verse 1 concerning the flight of a bird carried out in verse 2?
11:3 What is meant by "the foundations be destroyed"?
11:4 Does mention of "his holy temple" require that this psalm be dated after Solomon's temple was built? (Note the parallelism.)
  Why are Jehovah's "eyelids" said to try the children of men?
11:5 In what sense does God try the righteous? (Cf. Prov. 17:3, Ps. 17:1-3.)
11:6-7 Contrast the fate of the wicked with that of the righteous.
  What is indicated by the phrase "shall behold his face"?
Whole Psalm: What was David's evaluation of his counselors' advise?
Psalm 12:TITLE Study the meaning of the term, Sheminith.
12:1 What is meant by the statement, "the godly man ceaseth"? (Compare the parallel phrase.)
12:2-3 List the different terms that are used to describe the prevalent lack of integrity.
12:4 What kind of attitude is described in this verse? (cf. Psalm 73:8-9)
12:6 In contrast with that which proceeds out of the mouth of the wicked (verses 2-3), what comes forth from the mouth of God?
12:7 "Thou wilt keep" whom, and "preserve" whom?
12:8 Explain this verse.