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Lesson 14

Psalm 7

READ: Psalm 7

Whole Psalm: Of what period of David's life does this psalm seem to be characteristic?
Ps. 7 TITLE: According to the title, the psalm was written concerning whose words?
  Do we know anything about this man other than what we learn in this psalm?
7:3-5 David asked God that his enemies overtake and kill him if he had done what?
  In reality, how had David treated, and been treated by his adversary, or enemy?
  Note the similarity between verses 3-4 and 1 Sam. 24:11, 17.
7:6 Does this verse assume that David, or his enemies, have been in the wrong?
7:12-13 Who will whet his sword, bend his bow, and prepare instruments of death?
7:14-16 Is it God that "hath made a pit"? (Careful--the same one who dug a pit is described as having done something else in verse 14).
  Who fell into the pit?
  Note the similarity between vs. 16 and 1 Sam. 25:39.