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Lesson 12

Psalm 2

READ: Psalm 2, Acts 4:23-31, 13:32-33, Hebrews 1:1-5, 5:1-5


1. According to the New Testament references, who wrote this psalm?

2. Verses 1 & 2 are quoted in what New Testament passage?

3. Give the New Testament synonym for the "nations" (KJV "heathen").

4. According to Acts 4:27, to whom does "His Anointed" refer?

5. Verse 3 suggests that who has been subjected to whom?

6. What do those who have been subjected plan to do?

7. What is the point of verse 47?

8. Who has been set upon to holy mountain of Zion?

9. Who is pictured as speaking in verses 7-9?

10. The speaker in verses 7-9 tells of whose words?

11. How many times is verse 7 quoted in the New Testament?

12. What day is referred to in verse 7? That is, when was the Son begotten?

13. Does this psalm seem to have anything to do with a particular time in David's life?