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Lesson 11

Psalm 18


READ: 2 Samuel 18-22, Psalm 18

Ps. 18:2 What special significance did rocks have in David's life which made it appropriate to describe the Lord in terms of a rock?
18:4-6 Where did David picture God as being when he heard David's plea for help?
18:7-15 What was pictured as coming out of God's nostrils?
  What came forth from God's mouth?
  What did the Lord ride upon?
  What was under the Lord's feet and round about him?
  What caused coals to be kindled?
  Who was scattered by the Lord's arrows and lightning?
  Why do you suppose David used such graphic symbols to depict the Lord's hand upon David's enemies?
18:20-24 Keeping in mind 2 Samuel 11, Psalms 51 and 34, comment upon Psalm 18:20-24.
18:37-42 Does the description of David's victories over his enemies fit the historical account of David's actions toward Saul and Saul's men.
18:43-45 What portion of David's life do these verses seen to describe?
18:50 How does David refer to himself in this verse?
18:TITLE Does the title of this psalm suggest a particular time in David's life at which the psalm was written.
  Do you recall another time at which it was said that David had rest from his enemies? (HINT: David intended to build a temple then)
  Does this psalm seem to have been written (after/while) David had been king for awhile.
  When do you think this psalm was written?