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Lesson 9

Psalms 51 & 32

READ: 2 Samuel 11-12, Psalms 51, 32

1. Who was Bathsheba's husband?

2. Where was he at the time of David's sin with Bathsheba?

3. Describe David's attempts to conceal his sin after learning that Bathsheba had conceived a child.

4. What became of Bathsheba after Uriah's death?

5. What was David's initial reaction to Nathan's story

6. Who was the guilty man of whom Nathan spoke?

7. What were to be the consequences of David's sin? (2 Samuel 12:10-14)

8. When the child was born and became sick, what did David do?

9. How did David's behavior change after the child's death?

10. What were the two names given to the second son born to David by Bathsheba?

Ps. 51:TITLE This psalm belongs to the time of the events described in what chapter of 2 Samuel?
51:1 Assuming the correctness of the title, to what transgressions does David refer?
51:4 In light of David's actions against Uriah, comment upon how it is that David could say, "Against thee (God), thee only, have I sinned..." (Cf. Gen. 39:7-9)
  If God does not condemn sin, is he just? (Cf. Rom. 3:1-4)
51:5 Whose sin is meant?
  What is the connection between the thought in this verse and the rest of the psalm?
51:7 What is the significance of hyssop (Ex. 12:21-22, Lev. 14:1-7, Num. 19:14-18)
51:13 Having learned a lesson for himself, David promises to do what?
51:16-17 Was God satisfied with Israelites in the O.T. as long as they observed the ceremonial ordinances of the law even though they were not inwardly devout?
Ps. 32:TITLE What evidence of the accuracy of this title can be found in the New Testament? (Romans 4:6-8)
  Is there anything in this title to connect this psalm with 2 Samuel 12?
  Summarize the overall message of this psalm.
  Look up the word "didactic". Does this psalm seem to be a didactic psalm?
  Most commentators believe this psalm was written shortly after Psalm 51. If so, this psalm is probably at least part of the fulfillment of the promise made by David in what verse of Psalm 51?