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Lesson 5


Psalm 54 & Review


READ: Psalm 54


1. The title of this psalm refers us to what passage in 1 Samuel?

2. Who might be prime suspects for having told Saul, "Behold, David is in the wilderness of Engedi"? (1 Samuel 24:1)

Review of Introduction, Psalms 59, 56, 34, 57, 142, 52, & 54

1. How many books of Psalms are there?

2. As far as we know, who wrote the earliest of the Psalms?

3. What seems to be the historical background of the 90th Psalm?

4. Summarize the 90th Psalm.

5. Who wrote the 59th Psalm?

6. What are the events that are described in 1 Samuel 19 and referred to in the 59th Psalm?

7. The city mentioned in Ps. 59:6 is either ________ or ________.

8. In the 59th Psalm David speaks of men who made "a noise like a dog." To what was he referring?

9. What two Psalms should be associated with the events of 1 Samuel 21:10-15?

10. Which of these two Psalms suggests immediate danger and was probably written before the other?

11. Which of these Psalms suggests that God has delivered David, that the immediate danger is past, and probably, therefore, was written after the other?

12. The words of Psalm 56:5-6 probably refer to whom?

13. Where in the N.T. is Ps. 34:12-16 quoted?

14. Which are the "cave psalms"?

15. To whom is the 52nd Psalm addressed and what was his evil deed?

16. The people of what city reported David's movements to Saul?