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Lesson 4


Psalms 57, 142, & 52

Review of Previous Lessons

1. Which psalm describes Saul's messengers who were sent to the house of David and Michal?

2. Which psalms were written in connection with David's flight to Gath and his subsequent escape from the Philistines by pretending to be insane?

READ: 1 Samuel 22-24, Psalms 57, 142 & 52

1. List the events of 1 Samuel 22-24. (Use the back of this page)

2. Which cave is referred to in the title of the 57th psalm, the cave of Adullam (1 Sam. 22:1) or the cave in Engedi (1 Sam. 24:1-3)?

3. In the 57th psalm, what did David say his soul was among?

4. What two musical instruments did David mention in the 57th psalm?

5. Are there any clear references in the 57th psalm to the historical events which provide the setting for this psalm?

6. To which cave do you think the title of the 142nd psalm refers?

7. Was there any man that could save David according to the 142nd psalm? (Which verses supply the answer for this question?)

8. Who was David's refuge?

9. What do you think David meant by "prison"?

Ps. 52:TITLE The title speaks of the occasion when Doeg told Saul that "David has come to the house of Ahimelech." Give the reference in 1 Samuel (chapter, & verse) which tells of this.
  Did David have immediate knowledge of this, or did he find out subsequently?
  When do you think David wrote this psalm, before or after he found out about Doeg's treachery?
  What does this suggest about the intent of the titles?
52:1 Give the name of the man to whom this psalm is addressed.
  How is the word "mighty" used in Isaiah 5:22?
  Does this seem to also be the way David uses the word here in Psalm 52:1?
52:2 What was the destruction (NAS) or wickedness (ASV) that was devised? (The KJV says "mischiefs.")
  In what way might this man have been guilty of deceit. (Read 1 Sam. 22:7-13, noting in particular verses 8 and 13.)
52:7 What was possibly the motivation for Doeg's action?