The Time Span of Jesus' Public Teaching


  1. How old was Jesus when he began teaching? (Lk. 3:23)

  2. Go through the book of John and make note of every reference to one of the annual feasts of the Jews. These will include Passover, the feast of Tabernacles, and one unidentified feast. There will also be a reference to the feast of Dedication.

  3. How many Passover feasts are mentioned in John? Give the references.

  4. What major event happened at the last Passover feast mentioned in John?

  5. What do these facts suggest about the number of years spanned by Jesus' public teaching?

  6. Matthew, Mark, and Luke tell many of the same incidents. These are the "synoptic" gospels, meaning their respective accounts are similar enough to one another to be thought of as a common view. John's account of Jesus work is very different. Nonetheless, there are points of correspondence. John 6 describes the feeding of the 5,000, apparently multitudes of people enroute to Jerusalem for the Passover feast. Where is the event related in the accounts of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, respectively?

  7. Of the Passover Feasts mentioned by John, which one is this one?