According to John


Chapter 15

  1. Explain the analogy of the vine (15:1-8).

  2. What must one do in abide in Jesus' love?

  3. Is keeping the commandments (vs. 10) limited to loving one another (15:12) so that one need not worry about explicitly obeying the 1aw of Christ? (Jn. 15: 17, Rom. 13:9-10)

  4. Why did Jesus no longer call the eleven disciples "servants", i.e., slaves?

  5. Read verse 20. When had Jesus previously said, "A servant is not greater
    than his lord"?

  6. What sin woul.d they not have had if Jesus had not come and spoken to them? (Jn. 15:22, cf. vss. 18-20, 23ff)

  7. These words were spoken specifically to the 11 disciples. Is there anything said in this chapter which was true only with reference to this group of men, and not to disciples in general?

Chapter 16

  1. What was involved in being "put out of the synagogues"? Was it just a matter of being physically removed from the building, or was there something more significant involved? (Cf. 9:22, 9:34-35, 12:42-43)

  2. Not only would Jesus' disciples be put out of the synagogues, but some would even be killed by Jews who thought themselves to be offering ______________________.(Cf. Acts 26:9-10)

  3. What had Jesus not told the twelve from the beginning, and why had he not?

  4. Why did he tell them these things at this time?

  5. Jesus said, "But now I go unto him that sent me; and none of you asketh me, 'Whither goest thou?"'(16:5); and yet Peter had asked, "Lord, whither goest thou?"(13:36. cf. 14:5). In what sense had the disciples not asked, "Whither goest thou?"

  6. Why could the Comforter not come until Jesus departed?

  7. Who would the Comforter "convict," or, convince? How?

  8. To how much truth would the twelve be guided by the Spirit? How much new truth does that leave for later revelations, for example, in the 20th century?

  9. Jesus said, "and again a little while, and ye shall see me," (16:16). To what was Jesus referring? Read carefully, noting the chain of thought, verses 16-23. Also compare 14:21-23. Also, consider the fact that the disciples did ask questions of Jesus between his resurrection and ascension (Acts 1:6).

Chapter 17

  1. Chapter 17 is Jesus' _____________ to the Father.

  2. What is life eternal?

  3. In what sense did Judas perish? (17:12)

  4. Cite at least two statements in this chapter which clearly teach that the Son existed prior to the human birth of Jesus.

  5. List the things for which Jesus prayed in verses 15-26 and be prepared to explain what is meant by each.