According to John


Chapter 14

  1. (If your version does not use the word "mansions" in vs. 2, skip the first question.) Using a standard English dictionary, look up the "obsolete" and/or "archaic" definitions for "mansion" to determine the meaning of this word at the time represented by the English of the King James and American Standard Versions. You may also wish to look up "mansion" in a Bible dictionary or encyclopedia.

  2. Was Jesus emphasizing the extravagance of each heavenly abiding place, or the abundance of dwelling places in heaven?

  3. In what sense would Jesus prepare a place? (Cf. 1 Cor. 15:23, In. 14:19, etc.)

  4. What did Thomas not understand?

  5. What did Philip not understand?

  6. Explain the phrase "greater works than these shall he do" (14:12 -Cf. 7:31, 5:20f).

  7. On verse 13; see 16:24 and 1 Jn. 5:13-14.

  8. Loving Jesus is inseparable from _______________________.(14:12; cf. 7:31, 5:20f)

  9. Who was the Judas that is mentioned in 14:22? (Cf. Lk. 6:13ff, Mt. 10:2ff)

  10. "But the __________, even the __________ ____________, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things." (vs. 26)

  11. On "bring to your remembrance..." (14:26), compare Jn. 2:22, 12:16.

  12. Comment on "The Father is greater than I" (14:28- cf. In. 5:19-20, 5:30, Phil.. 2:5-8)