According to John


Chapter 12

  1. When did Jesus go to Bethany according to Jn. 12:1?

  2. How long was this before Jesus was crucified?

  3. Research the relative value of a "pound of ointment of pure nard" in the first century. Note Judas' estimation of its worth and compare the value of a shilling (or "denarius," or "pence," depending upon your translation) in Mt. 20:2, 9f, & 13.

  4. Why did Judas complain about Mary's use of the ointment?

  5. In order to more clearly undertand the meaning of Jesus' words in verse 7, compare the parallel accounts in Mt. 26:12 and Mk. 14:6.

  6. In Mark's account the value of Mary's act is indicated by what words? (Mk. 14:8)

  7. Besides Jesus presence, what attracted the people to Bethany at this time?

  8. "Many of the Jews went away" (12:11), from what or whom?

  9. Why were the chief priests plotting to put Lazarus to death?

  10. What does "Hosanna" mean?

  11. What indication is there in vs. 13 that the Jews saw a Messianic reference in Psalm 118?

  12. "Fear not, daughter of Zion: behold, they King cometh, sitting on an ass's colt," is a quotation from where?

  13. "These things were written of ____________."

  14. How are Jesus' words in vs. 23 different from what he had said on several earlier occasions? (e.g., Jn. 2:4; 7:6)

  15. What application did the words of Jesus in vss. 24-25 have...

    a. to himself?

    b. to us? (cf. Rom. 6:1-11)
  16. Why did the Father speak audibly on this occasion?

  17. What would happen "now" according to vs. 31?

  18. What themes found throughout the earlier chapters of John are repeated by Jesus in Jn. 12:31-50?



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