According to John


Chapter 11

  1. What was the relationship between Lazarus, Mary, and Martha?

  2. Of the three, John assumed that his readers would be familiar with which one?

  3. John did not relate the incident mentioned in verse 2 until chapter 12. Why would his readers have already been familiar with the story? (cf. Mt. 26:6-13, Mk. 14:3-9)

  4. What was to be accomplished as a result of Lazarus' sickness? (Jn. 1:4)

  5. What did Jesus do when he heard that Lazarus was sick? (11:6) Why? (11:15)

  6. Bethany was in what region?

  7. What danger was involved in going to this region?

  8. What is the point of Jesus' words in vss. 9-10?

  9. What did the disciples think Jesus meant by "asleep"?

  10. What was Thomas' attitude? (vs. 16)

  11. Why did Jesus "groan in the spirit"?

  12. Note the differences between the resurrection of Lazarus and the modern day cases of legally dead persons who "come back to life."

  13. Other than those noted in the previous question, what factor made this a verifiable resurrection? (Jn. 11:18, 31, 42)

  14. Why did Jesus say, "Father I think thee that thou heardest me"?

  15. What were the chief priests and the Pharisees concerned about?

  16. What evidence did the chief priests and the Pharisees find to deny the resurrection of Lazarus?

  17. What did Caiaphas mean by his words?

  18. Were his words of his own choosing?

  19. What meaning was intended by the Spirit of God?

  20. As a result of Caiaphas' words what did the counsel do?

  21. What feast was approaching, and what question was on the mind of the people?