According to John


Chapter 9

  1. Why was the man blind? (Jn. 9:3, cf. Jn. 11:6-15)

  2. What did Jesus mean by the statement, "The night cometh when no man can work"? (Jn. 9:4)

  3. Describe the actions of Jesus in restoring the beggar's sight.

  4. Did Jesus have to use spittle in order to do the miracle? (cf. Jn. 4:46-54, Mt. 8:5-13)

  5. Why did Jesus perform such actions? (cf. Acts 19:11-12)

  6. Why did some of the beggar's neighbors not recognize him?

  7. On what day did all this take place?

  8. Why were some of the Pharisees convinced that Jesus was not from God? (9:16)

  9. Others of them differed on what gounds? (9:16)

  10. What conclusion had the beggar reached? (9:17)

  11. When the Jews decided that the beggar had not really been blind, what convinced them otherwise?

  12. Study the beggar's words in vs. 31 and compare Is. 59:1-2, Acts 10:1-4, 31, and Eph. 2:18. What conclusions can be drawn about whose prayers God hears?

  13. Compare Jn. 9:33 with 9:16 and 3:2.

  14. Compare Jn. 9:39 with 3:17 and 8:15.