According to John


Chapter 7

  1. Why did Jesus avoid Judea?

  2. Explain the words of Jesus' brethren. (7:3-5)

  3. In what manner did Jesus go to the feast?

  4. Why did no man speak out openly concerning Jesus?

  5. What was it that caused the Jews to marvel? (7:14)

  6. Was Jesus exaggerating the intent of his enemies when he said, "Why seek ye to kill me?" (7:21, cf. 5:18)

  7. To what did the Jews attribute Jesus' belief that they sought to kill Him?

  8. What "one work" did Jesus refer to? (7:21-23, cf. 5:2-18)

  9. What fault had been found by the Jews with this work?

  10. What did the Jews do on the Sabbath according to Jesus' statement in verse 22?

  11. What amazed some of the people according to 7:25-26?

  12. What made these people certain that Jesus was not the anticipated Christ?

  13. According to vs. 30, why did the Jews not take Jesus at this time? (cf. Acts 2:23)

  14. Why did the Pharisees send officers to take Jesus?

  15. Where did Jesus intend to go? (7:33-36)

  16. Study verses 37-39.

  17. On the distinction between the Christ and the Prophet, see 1:20-21.

  18. According to 7:41-42, why were some certain that Jesus was not the Christ?

  19. When the officers returned, what reason did they give for their failure to apprehend Jesus (7:45-46; cf. Mt. 7:28-29, Jn. 6:4-8)

  20. What evidence did the Pharisees cite to prove that Jesus was not the Christ? (7:48)

  21. Who spoke up on Jesus' behalf?