According to John


Chapter 6

(parallel accounts: Mt. 14:13f, Mk. 6:30ff, Lk. 9:10ff)

  1. What was another name for the Sea of Gallilee?

  2. Why was a great multitude on hand to be impressed with Jesus' signs?

  3. Why did Jesus ask Philip where they might buy bread?

  4. How did Philip respond?

  5. The people were convinced that Jesus was the expected prophet because of what?

  6. Why did Jesus withdraw into the mountain? (vs. 15)

  7. Read Jn. 6:16-21. What additional details about this incident are recorded in Mt. 14:22-33?

  8. When the multitudes found Jesus on the following day, for what reason did he rebuke them?

  9. What "work" is discussed in 6:28-29?

  10. Who is to do, or work , this "work"?

  11. In what sense is it a "work of God"?

  12. Study 6:30-40.

  13. How is one dawn by the Father? (vs. 44-45)

  14. Study 6:52-59

  15. What did Jesus know from the beginning? (vs. 64; cf. 66, 70-71)