According to John


Chapter 5

  1. What was the occasion of Jesus' visit to Jerusalem?

  2. Notice the different treatments of verse 4 found in the following translations: KJV, ASV, NASB, NIV.

  3. Why did a multitude of sick people lay in the porches of this pool?

  4. What explanation did the man who had suffered for 38 years give for his lack of success in being healed?

  5. What did Jesus tell the man?

  6. What fault did the Jews find in this?

  7. How did the man find out who had healed him?

  8. How did the Jews find out?

  9. How did Jesus justify his actions on the Sabbath day? (vs. 27)

  10. Aside from their contention that Jesus broke the Sabbath, what other reason did the Jews have for seeking to kill him? (5:17-18)

  11. Jesus spoke of two hours, one which "cometh and now is" (vs. 25), and one which "cometh" (vs. 28).
    1. In the first hour (vs. 25), who is it that will hear and live? (compare vs. 24)
    2. In the second hour (vs. 28-29) who is it that will hear and what will they do?
    3. In which hour would people come out of tombs?
    4. The "all" of verse 28 is contrasted with what in verse 25?
  12. Why has authority been given to Jesus to execute judgment? (vs. 27)

  13. Why is the particular title "son of man" used in vs. 27? (cf. Hb. 2:14-18, 4:15)

  14. What or who is a witness of Jesus according to...
    1. vs. 33?
    2. vs. 36? (cf. Jn. 3:2, Acts 2:22)
    3. vs. 27?
    4. vs. 39?


  15. What absurdities did Jesus point out in the Jews' behavior? (vss. 39, 43, 44)

  16. Who would accuse the Jews, and how? (vs. 45-47)