According to John

Purpose: Jn. 20:30-31

Chapter 1

  1. Which of the following terms in John 1 are used of the Christ? (Give verse reference for each one that is so used)

    Word Light the son Rabbi Israelite
    God Elijah lamb of God Messiah son of man
    Life man son of God Son of Joseph only begotten son


  2. On the basis of Jn. 1:14, who is "the Word"?

  3. In what sense is Jesus "the Word"? (1:18, cf. 8:19, 14:16)

  4. What part did the Word play in Creation?

  5. Which John is referred to in Jn. 1:6?

  6. Of what did this John come to bear witness? (Jn. 1:7)

  7. Who was not the light? (1:8)

  8. Who was in the world, according to 1:10?

  9. Who were his own that received him not? (1:11)

  10. The glory of the Christ was as what? (1:14, cf. Heb. 11:17)

  11. What had John the Baptist said of Jesus according to 1:15? (cf. 1:30; 8:56-58)

  12. When the priests and Levites came to John teh Baptist, and he confessed that he was not the Christ, they asked if he was either of what two individuals? (1:19-21)

  13. Why would they ask if he were Elijah? (Mal. 4:5-6. Compare Mt. 3:4 with 2 Kings 1:8. See also Lk. 1:17, Mt. 11:12-14)

  14. Why did he deny that he was Elijah?

  15. Why would they ask if he were the prophet? (Dt. 18:15; cf. Acts 3:20-22; 7:37)

  16. Moses' words in Dt. 18:15 were ultimately fulfilled in what prophet?

  17. Did the Jews understand that the prophet and the Messiah were the same? (1:20-21, 25; 7:40-41)

  18. Whom did John claim to be, and on the basis of what O.T. scripture? (Jn. 1:23 & check your cross reference; also compare Mal. 3:1)

  19. Where did this questioning of John take place?

  20. Who would baptize in the Holy Spirit?

  21. What was the name of one of the two disciples of John who followed Jesus?

  22. What was the name of this man's brother?

  23. What does Messiah mean?

  24. Who was the father of Simon and Andrew? (cf. Mt. 16:17)

  25. What name did Jesus give to Simon?

  26. What city was the home of Philip, Andrew, and Peter?

  27. What did Philip tell Nathaniel?

  28. What did Nathaniel say in response?

  29. What did Jesus do that impressed Nathaniel?

  30. Jesus' words in Jn. 1:51 contain a reference to what Old Testament incident? (Gen. 28:10ff)