Genesis 30:25 - 31:55

Jacob Leaves Laban


1. When Jacob first told Laban he wanted to leave, why did Laban want Jacob to stay?

2. Jacob said he was spending all his time taking care of Laban's flocks, and had not opportunity to do what? (30:29-30)

3. On what condition did Jacob agree to stay?

4. Explain what Jacob did with tree branches.

5. Why didn't Jacob put the branches within sight of the weak animals when they came to drink?


6. Was Jacob's procedure based on science, superstition, or something else? If you don't know, see question 10.


7. According to 30:43, what was the result of Jacob's procedure?

8. Who was unhappy about this result?

9. Did Laban deserve this result? Explain. (Genesis 31:7-8)


a) Also, think back to the first mention of Laban. Do you remember what it was that got his attention on that occasion?


b) Remember the switch that Laban made after Jacob had worked seven years for Rachel. Why did Laban do that?


c) What kind of person does it appear that Laban was?

10. To whom does Jacob give credit for this result? (31:9-12)

11. Were Rachel and Leah reluctant to leave Laban?

12. Where did Jacob plan to go?

13. What did Rachel steal?

14. When Laban pursued Jacob, God spoke to Laban in a dream. What did God mean when he said, "Be careful that you do not speak to Jacob either good or bad"? (compare Genesis 24:50, 2 Samuel 13:22, Genesis 31:29)

15. Inasmuch as Laban was forbidden to remonstrate against Jacob's leaving, Laban had other complaints. What were they?

16. Why didn't Laban find his gods?