Genesis 27-28

  1. When Isaac was old and approaching the end of his life, whom did he intend to bless?

  2. Whose idea was it that Jacob should pretend to be Esau and deceive Isaac?

  3. Because Isaac's eyesight was failing, he had to rely on other clues to distinguish between his sons. Esau was very hairy. How did Jacob make himself seem to be hairy?

  4. When Jacob came to Isaac and claimed to be Esau, what was it that first surprised Isaac?

  5. Put the meaning of Genesis 27:29 in your own words, briefly.

  6. When Esau found out what Jacob had done, what did Esau resolve to do?

  7. Why didn't Esau do this immediately?

  8. Rebekah told Jacob to go where in order to escape Esau?

  9. Rebekah told Isaac that the reason Jacob was going away was what? (Gen. 27:46; also see 26:34-35.)

  10. Describe the dream that Jacob had. Then read what God said to Jacob in the dream (Gen 28:14), and also, John 1:51. What was the meaning of Jacob's dream? Does the dream portray communion between God and man? What had destroyed such communion? In whom would such communion be restored? What promise, reiterated in Gen 28:14, pointed to the restoration of this communion?

  11. If Genesis does not anticipate the New Testament, and if Genesis is merely the work of men, does the story about the dream make any sense? On the other hand, if the dream only makes sense if we believe Genesis anticipates the New Testament, what does that tell us about the author of Genesis?