Genesis 18-19

Before answering the questions, read these two chapters.

1. According to Gen. 18:1, who appeared to Abraham?

2. According to Gen. 18:2, what did Abraham see?

3. According to Gen. 18:16, who rose up to leave?

4. According to Gen. 18:20-21 , who said, "I will go down now, and see... "?

5. According to Gen. 18:22, who turned away and went toward Sodom?

6. According to Gen. 18:22, Abraham was still standing before whom?

7. According to Gen. 19:1, how many angels came to Sodom?

8. Describe the hospitality shown by Abraham to his guests.

9. What did Sarah overhear?

10. Why did Sarah laugh?

11. Why did God choose to tell Abraham what he was about to do regarding Sodom and Gomorrah?

12. Summarize, in your own words, Genesis 18:23-33.

13. Describe the hospitality shown by Lot to his guests.

14. What were the intentions of the men of Sodom toward Lot's guests?

15. What offer did Lot make in an attempt to dissuade the men of the city?

16. When the men persisted in their wicked intentions, what did the angels do to them?

17. What became of Sodom?

18. What became of Lot's wife?

19. What two nations descended from Lot?