Read Exodus -31:18-32:35

1. Who actually inscribed the first set of tablets of the testimony? 31:18, 32:16

2. Whose idea was it for Aaron to make a god?

3. What did the people suppose had become of Moses?

4. What source did Aaron have for gold from which to make a god?

5. What type of tool did Aaron use to make the god?

6. What form did this god have?

7. When Aaron later explained the origin of the calf to Moses, what did he say? Do you see a similarity in modern day explanations for misbehavior?

8. Where is Ex. 32:6 quoted in the New Testament, and in what context? (Notice chapter 8, verse one, of that context, and notice what it is that Ex. 32:6 is cited as exemplifying.)

9. What activity is mentioned in connection with idolatry ("things sacrifice to idols") in the following passages: Acts 15:29, 1 Cor. 10:7, Rev. 2:20.

10. Based on the work you have done in answering the previous two questions, what do you conclude about the phrase "rose up to play" in Ex 32:6. What kind of play is indicated?

11. What was it that Moses observed according to Ex. 32:19?

12. What was God mindful to do with the people, and why did he refrain from so doing?

13. Was Joshua party to the sinful behavior of the people? (See 32:17 and 24:12-13.)

14. How did Moses react to what he saw when he came down from the mountain?

15. What did Moses charge the Levites to do?

16. Consider this charge, and the numerical results. Do the numbers make sense? In contemplating this, consider the following:

a) the number of male Levites (see Numbers 3)

b) a likely number for the number of minor male children in each household

c) the percentage of all the male Levites who were charged with the mission in Ex. 32

e) the likely response of the Israelites to the mission of the Levites