Chapter 9          
  1. Draw the OT timeline and pinpoint the time described in Daniel 9:1-2.

  2. How long had Jeremiah indicated that the captivity would last? See both Daniel's remarks (Dan. 9:2) and God's  words spoken through Jeremiah as recorded in Jer. 25:11.


  3. What had God said would happen at the end of that period of time? (Jer. 25:12)


  4. In what year had Daniel been carried away?


  5. In what year did Babylon fall?

  6. How many years passed between the time when Daniel was carried away to Babylon and the fall of Babylon?

  7. As Daniel read from the books the word that God had spoken to Jeremiah, what was Daniel thinking?

  8. Think about these three questions: Why had the people gone into captivity, what kind of man was Daniel, and whose sins did Daniel confess in Dan. 9:20?

    We will discuss the rest of Daniel 9 in class.