Chapter 6          
  1. Who was Darius and over what nation did he rule?

  2. To what high position was Daniel appointed?

  3. How was Daniel thought of by his peers?

  4. How was Daniel thought of by Darius?

  5. After the presidents and the satraps failed to find any fault in Daniel, what course of action did they decide to take?

  6. What was the law of the Medes and Persians concerning decrees signed by the king? (compare Esther 8:8)

  7. Did the decree signed by Darius have an effect upon Daniel?

  8. When the king realized what had happened, what did he make his mind up to try to do?

  9. How did the presidents and satraps react to the King's tarrying?

  10. Give an account of the king's actions after Daniel was thrown into the den of lions.

  11. What happened to those who had conspired against Daniel?

  12. How does the chapter end?