2 Samuel 8-12

1. List David's military victories that are described in chapter 8.

2. Recall the promise Jonathan had asked of David, as recorded in 1 Samuel 20:15. Does 2 Samuel 9 have anything to do with that? Explain.

3. Who was Bathsheba's husband?

4. Why did David call Uriah home from the battle upon learning that Bathsheba was with child?

5. Why did Uriah sleep at the door of the king's house rather than go home to his wife?

6. Note the obvious contrast between Uriah's sense of duty and loyalty, and David's behavior in the matter with Bathsheba.

7. Why did David make Uriah drunk?

8. What message did David send to Joab?

9. By whom did he send it?

10. Give some thought to the manner in which Joab told the messenger to report Uriah's death to David.

11. When he learned of Uriah's death, how did David respond?

12. What became of Bathsheba after David's death?

13. Tell the story that Nathan told to David.

14. Did Nathan tell it as if it were merely a story, or as if it had actually happened. How did David react to this story?

15. Explain how the story was really about what David had done.

16. What consequences would come as a result of David's sin. (2 Samuel 12:10-14)

17. What evidence is there in 2 Samuel 12 that David repented of his sin?

Read Psalm 51 and Psalm 32

2 Samuel 13-14

1. Review 2 Samuel 3:1-5 and 1 Chronicles 3:1-9.

a. Who were Absalom's father and mother?

b. Who were Amnon's father and mother?

c. Who was Tamar's father?

2. Were Amnon's intentions toward Tamar honorable?

3. What plan did Jonadab suggest in order to get Amnon and Tamar alone together?

4. What did Tamar make for Amnon to eat?

5. Did Tamar protest when Amnon's dishonorable intentions became clear?

6. After Amnon had raped Tamar, what was his attitude toward her?

7. With whom did Tamar go to live?

8. Did David know about this incident?

9. On what occasion did Absalom invite the rest of the king's sons to Baal-hazor?

10. What did Absalom tell his servants to do to Amnon?

11. What was the first report that came to David concerning this event?

12. When David was told that in fact, only Amnon had been killed, he was also told why. What was the reason?

13. To what place did Absalom flee, and how long did he stay there?

14. During this time, how did David feel about Absalom?

15. Who arranged for a woman to talk to David and cause David to invite Absalom to come home?