2 Samuel 1-2

1. Was David quick to assume the throne after Saul's death?

2. When David was told that Saul and Jonathan were dead, he asked the man who brought the news how he knew this. What did the man say?

3. Was his answer truthful?

4. What happened to this man?

Challenge Question

5. David said, "Tell it not in Gath, Proclaim it not in the streets of Ashkelon... ." Where were these two cities, and why did David mention them in particular?

6. Over what tribe did David initially reign?

7. Who reigned over the rest of Israel? What military support did he have?

8. From what city did David first reign, and for how many years?

9. Describe the contest proposed by Abner.

10. Who was Asahel, and how did he die?

11. Summarize 2 Samuel 2:24-29.

2 Samuel 3-5

1. How were Absalom and Amnon related?

2. Who were Adonijah's parents?

3. What caused the conflict between Abner and Ishbosheth?

4. Because of Ishbosheth's complaint, what did Abner decide to do?

5. What requirement did David make of Abner before accepting Abner's offer to help David?

6. Who was Paltiel (or, Palti)?

7. How did Joab react to David's peaceful parting with Abner?

8. Why did Joab kill Abner? (2 Samuel 3:27, 30)

9. Had Joab previously been able to forgo seeking vengeance against Abner?

10. What was the concern Joab had expressed to David, regarding Abner?

11. When Abner was buried, what did David refuse to do till the sun went down?

Challenge Question

12. What was accomplished politically by David's lamentation and fasting?

13. After Abner's death, what did David say about the sons of Zeruiah?

14. Who was Mephibosheth's father, and how had Mephibosheth come to be lame?

Challenge Question

15. Rechab and Baanah made the same mistake as the man who came claiming to have killed Saul, and suffered a similar fate. Explain.

16. How old was David when he began to reign, and for how many years did he reign? How many of those years were spent in Hebron?

17. Who inhabited Jerusalem at that time?

18. What was the older name of the city? (1 Chronicles 11:4)

19. Tell the story of David's conquest of this city. Include a description of Joab's role in the conquest (1 Chronicles 11:4-9).