2 Samuel 19:39-24:25

1. In the closing verses of chapter 19, we see evidence of the growing rivalry between what two parties?

2. Who led the northern tribes in a new rebellion?

3. How did Amasa die?

4. How did Sheba die?

5. When famine came, the Lord told David that it was for what cause?

6. Review Joshua 9 and explain the covenant that existed between Israel and the Gibeonites.

7. What had to be done to make atonement for Saul's shedding of Gibeonite blood?

8. What did David ask Joab to number?

9. What brought about this endeavor by David? (Cf. 2 Sam. 24:1 and 1 Chron. 21:1)

10. Who strongly advised against this endeavor?

11. After the numbering had been accomplished, how did David regard his action?

12. What was wrong with David's numbering of the people? Read Psalm 30:6-9. Do those verses suggest a similar lapse on David's part?

13. What three penalties were offered to David through the prophet, Gad?

14. How did David respond to Gad?

15. When David appealed to the Lord for the sake of the people, he was told to build an altar. What was later built on the site of this altar? (2 Chron. 3:1)

16. What sacrifice had been previously prepared at this cite? (Gen. 22)

17. What was accomplished by David's offering on this altar?

18. What did David say about the cost of his offering?