2 Kings 8:16-9:36

The Rise of Jehu, King of Israel


1. Who succeeded Jehoshaphat as King in Judah, and who was this man's wife (see 2 Chron 21:4-6 for the second part of this question)

2. Who succeeded Jehoram as King in Judah?

3. What was the name of the mother of Ahaziah, and wife of Jehoram?

4. Who was Jehu's father? Was this the same man as the one who ruled over Judah? How can you be sure?

5. Elisha sent a certain man to anoint Jehu. Compare the phrases used to refer this man in 2 Kings 9:1 and 9:4. This illustrates a use of the term "sons" also found in 1 Ki. 20:25, 2 Ki. 2:3, 4:1, 4:38, and Mt. 12:27.

6. Jehu was anointed to be king over Israel (vs. 6). Who was currently king over Israel?

7. Was Ahab alive at this time? Was Jezebel alive at this time?

8. What was to become of the whole house of Ahab?

9. What was to become of Jezebel?

10. Was the anointing of Jehu done in public?

11. When Jehu returned to his companions what did they ask, and how did they refer to the messenger?

12. Had they discerned the gist of the conversation Jehu had had with the messenger?

13. After this, Joram was at war against whom?

14. Who was Joram's ally in this war? (2 Kings 8:26-28)

14. Why did Joram go to Jezreel?

15. Who had come to Jezreel to visit Joram? (2 Kings 8:29, 9:16)

16. Who was Ahaziah's father, and who was Ahaziah's mother? (2 Ki. 8:24-27

17. When a watchmen saw someone approaching Jezreel, what did Joram tell him to do? What became of the horseman, and why?

18. A second horseman was sent out. What became of him and why?

19. What did the watchman notice about the approaching figure?

20. What was the purpose of the approaching figure (2 Ki. 9:14)

21. Where did Joram and Ahaziah meet Jehu? What significance did this place have?

22. Describe the deaths of Joram, Ahaziah, and Jezebel.

2 Kings 10

1. Describe the Zeal of Jehu, King of Israel.

2. Was his zeal truly for the Lord, or not?