1 Samuel TEST

Write what Samuel said to Saul, as recorded in 1 Samuel 15:22.

(10 pts.)








True/False (2 pts. each)

1. ____ Samuel was the son of Peninah.

2. ____ Eli was the husband of Hannah.

3. ____ Samual went live with Eli in Shiloh after he was weaned.

4. ____ Eli's sons were godly men.

5. ____ The ark of the covenants was captured by the Moabites.

6. ____ Dagon was a city to which the ark was brought.

7. ____ The events described in 1 Samuel took place about 1,000 years before Jesus was on the earth.

8. ____ Doeg was helpful to David.

9. ____ The Ziphites were very helpful to David.

10.____ David wrote some Psalms describing his troubles.

Multiple Choice (2 pts. each)

1. The city where Elkanah would go to worship each year was

a. Jerusalem

b. Shiloh

c. Ashdod

2. The Sons of Eli were

a. Hophni & Ichabod

b. Michal & Eliab

c. Hophni & Phinehas

d. Adam & Eve

3. Which of the following was not a Philistine city to which the ark of God was taken:

a. Kiriah-Jearim

b. Ashdod

c. Gath

d. Ekron

4. In which of the following cities did an idol fall down?

a. Kiriah-Jearim

b. Ashdod

c. Gath

d. Ekron

5. The man whom God told to annoint a king over Israel was

a. Goliath

b. Eli

c. Moses

d. Samuel

6. Which of the following is a true statement about Saul?

a. He was from the tribe of Judah

b. He was the son of Kish

c. He was the father of Eliab

7. Which of the following was not one of Zeruiah's sons

a. Joab

b. Abner

c. Abishai

d. Asahel

8. Which of the following was not one of David's wives, before he began to reign?

a. Abigail

b. Michal

c. Bathsheba

d. Ahinoam

9. David lived approximately

a. 1000 years before Jesus was on earth

b. 2000 years before Jesus was on earth

c. 3000 years before Jesus was on earth

10. David was from the tribe of

a. Benjamin

b. Judah

c. Cherokee

Matching For each "Parent" below, select the correct "Child" from the following list and write the name in the appropriate space. (2 pts. each)

David, Hophni, Ichabod, Joab, Jonathan, Samuel, Saul

Parent Child

1. Jesse ____________________________

2. Elkanah ____________________________

3. Eli ____________________________

4. Phinehas ____________________________

5. Saul ____________________________

6. Zeruiah ____________________________

7. Kish ____________________________

Who was it? (3 pts. each)

1. He died when he was told that his sons had been killed in battle and the ark of God had been taken by the Philistines.

2. He was the last to judge Israel before the first king reigned.

3. He was the first of the line of Kings from the tribe of Judah.

4. He was over nine feet tall.

5. Contrary to God's command, he spared King Agag alive, as well as the best of the livestock.

6. He said, "to obey is better than sacrifice."

7. He shot an arrow and instructed a boy to find it, as a means of signalling David.

8. He commanded about 400 men while he hid in caves.

9. His name meant "fool".

10. She prevented David from slaughtering Nabal's household.

11. He volunteered to kill many priests and their families.

12. She helped David escape when Saul's men came to their house.