1 Samuel 19-29

1 Samuel 19-20


1. As of the beginning of chapter 19, is Saul being very secretive about his desire to have David killed?

2. Who convinces Saul that David should not be killed?

3. After Saul made a second attempt to spear David, David went to his house. Saul sent messengers after David. What were they to do?

4. How did David escape, and what did Michal put in the bed to make it appear David was still there, sick in bed?

5. How was Michal's deception discovered?

6. Read Psalm 59. According to the title of this Psalm, it has to do with what events?

7. Who wrote Psalm 59?

Challenge Questions

8. In Psalm 59:1, why did David say "enemies", plural? (see 1 Samuel 19:11.)

9. In Psalm 59:3, To what does the phrase "They lie in wait" refer?

10. Why does David describe his enemies as mighty? (Ps. 59:3)

11. Who is represented by the "meat" or "food" in Psalm 59:15?


12. As of the beginning of chapter 20, what is the last thing that Jonathan has been told regarding Saul's intentions toward David? (cite chapter and verse.)

13. As of the beginning of chapter 20, what did Jonathan believe about his father's intentions toward David?

14. Where would David have been expected to be at the time of the new moon?

15. What did David intend to accomplish by his absence?

16. What reaction on Saul's part would indicate trouble for David?

17. How was Jonathan going to inform David of Saul's reaction to David's absence?

18. What, do you suppose, made it necessary to take a young boy and shoot arrows in order to convey the message? Why didn't Jonathan just plan to meet David face to face?

1 Samuel 21-22

1. What was the name of the priest with whom David met at Nob?

2. Did David have companions traveling with him?

3. Did David come to Nob alone?

4. Was David honest about the circumstances of his arrival at Nob?

5. For what did David ask?

6. What bread was available?

7. What explanation does David offer for not having a weapon?

8. What weapon was given to David?

9. Who was Doeg, and what was his relationship to Saul?

10. To what city did David flee? Do you remember what famous man had hailed from this city? If not, see 1 Sam. 17:4.

11. What did the servants of Achish hope to accomplish by means of the message concerning David that they sent to Achish?

12. How did David escape danger while in Gath?

13. When David left Gath, and came to the cave of Adullam, who joined him? How many men were gathered to David?

14. What provision did David make for his parents?

15. What prophet communicated with David at this time?

16. What state of mind is suggested by Saul's words in 1 Samuel 22:7-8?

17. Who informed Saul of David's recent visit to Nob?

18. As a result, what did Saul command concerning the priests at Nob?

19. Who carried out Saul's command? Give the details of the carrying out of the command.

20. What phrase indicates that when David heard about this, he felt responsible? What had he done that made him responsible?

1 Samuel 23-25

1. Who was attacking Keilah?

2. Of whom did David inquire before rescuing Keilah?

3. When Saul heard that David was at Keilah, and set out for the city, David consulted the Lord again. What did God say the men of Keilah would do?

4. Who met David at Horesh, and encouraged him?

5. While David was at Horesh, who revealed David's location to Saul?

6. What became the name of the mountain mentioned in 1 Samuel 23:24-29, and why was it so named?

7. What happened that caused Saul to depart without capturing David at this mountain?

8. When Saul was pursuing David in the wilderness of Engedi, it so happened that Saul went into the very cave where David and his men were hiding. What did David's men want to do?

9. Why didn't he agree?

10. What did David do, and afterwards, how did he feel about his action?

11. Whose death is mentioned at the beginning of chapter 25?

12. What did the name "Nabal" mean?

13. Who was Nabal's wife?

14. What service had David provided to Nabal? (25:7,14-17,21; especially vss. 16 & 21)

15. What was Nabal's response to David's messengers?

16. When David's messengers returned, what did David prepare to do? (25:13,22)

17. Who told Abigail about Nabal's response to David?

18. What did this man say about Nabal?

19. Did Abigail tell Nabal about her plans before she went to David?

20. Read Abigail's words in 25:24-31. How much did Abigail know about David?

21. What was David's response to Abigail?

22. Why didn't Abigail tell Nabal about her activities as soon as she arrived at home?

23. When did she tell him, and what was his reaction?

24. What became of Abigail?

25. What had already become of Michal?

26. Who was Ahinoam?

1 Samuel 26-29

1. Who revealed David's location to Saul when David was on the hill of Hachilah? (Does this remind you of anything?)

2. How did David know that Saul was coming?

3. Who was the commander of Saul's army?

4. Who was Abishai?

5. How was Zeruiah related to Abishai?

6. How was Zeruiah related to David? (1 Chronicles 2:13-16)

7. How were Abishai, Joab and Asahel related to each other?

8. How were Abishai, Joab and Asahel related to David?

9. When David crept into Saul's camp while Saul and his men slept, what did Abishai want to do? (What does "I will not strike him the second time mean"?)

10. Why did David not permit this?

11. What did David say about Saul's fate?

12. What did David take as evidence of how close he got to Saul?

13. How did Saul react when he learned that David had again spared his life?

14. As a result of Saul's change of heart, was David confident that he was finally out of danger?

15. With his 600 men, David went to what city?

16. Who was King there?

17. What city did this King give to David?

18. During the time David lived in this city, whose cities did he raid?

19. What did David tell Achish about his raids?

20. What was Achish's analysis of David's situation and loyalty?

21. When Achish went to fight against Israel, what did he expect of David?

22. How did the commanders of the Philistines feel about the presence of David and his men?

23. Why are we told that Saul had removed all the mediums and spiritists from the land?

24. Why did Saul resort to a medium (KJV says "witch") when faced with the Philistine threat?

25. Why did Saul disguise himself?

26. Why did the woman suddenly realize who Saul was?

27. Did the woman seem somewhat unsettled by Samuel's appearance? What does this suggest?

28. What did Samuel say concerning Saul's fate?