1 Kings 12

1. Where was Jeroboam when Solomon died?

2. Who became king after Solomon died?

3. Jeroboam came to the new king with what request?

4. What counsel (advice) did the old men give, and what counsel did the young men give?

5. Was it God's will that Jeroboam should lead ten tribes in a rebellion and divide the kingdom? (1 Kings 11:11-13, 12:15, 12:21-24)

6. Why did Jeroboam build two golden calves and put them in the cities of Bethel and Dan? (1 Kings 12:26-29)

7. Place Jerusalem, Bethel, and Dan on the map at right.

8. What day did Jeroboam institute as a feast day?

9. Had God said that day should be a feast day?

10. Had God said that day should not be a feast day?

11. Was there anything wrong with Jeroboam's institution of that day as a feast day? Explain your answer.

1 Kings 13

1. What was Jeroboam about to do when the man of God came?

2. According to this prophet, of whom would Josiah be a descendent?

3. What was the prophecy that this man brought?

4. What was to be the sign of this prophecy?

5. How did Jeroboam react to the prophet's message?

6. What happened to the altar?

7. Briefly relate the events of 1 Kings 13:11-32.

8. Read 2 Kings 23:15-18.


1 Kings 14

1. Who was Abijah, and who was Ahijah? Which one became sick?

2. What previous prophecy had Ahijah made concerning Jeroboam?

3. Why did Jeroboam tell his wife to disguise herself? (Perhaps a clue can be found in comparing 1 Kings 11:29-38 with 1 Kings 13:33-34.)

4. What did Ahijah say would happen to Abijah?

5. What did Ahijah prophesy concerning Jeroboam's descendants?

6. What prophecy concerning Israel did Ahijah make, and when was this fulfilled?

7. How long did Jeroboam reign?