1 Kings 1-2

1. Why was a young virgin brought to King David?

2. What was her name?

3. Who was Haggith? (1:5, compare 2 Samuel 3:2-4)

4. How were David and Adonijah related?

5. What is the significance of the statement, "his father had not displeased him at any time saying, Why has thou done so?" (1 Kings 1:6) and what might this have had to do with Adonijah's attempt to usurp the throne?

6. What were the names of two men who aided Adonijah?

7. What were the names of the priest and the prophet who remained loyal to David?

8. Which of Adonijah's brothers was not invited to the feast? Why was he not invited? (See 1 Kings 1:13, 17, 30)

9. Why were the lives of Solomon and his mother in danger? (1:12, 21)

10. Was David aware of Adonijah's activities before Bathsheba told him about them?

11. What was done so that Solomon would be assured of the throne?

12. On what condition was Adonijah's life spared?

13. What did David mean when he said, "I am going the way of all the earth?"

14. Who had said, "you shall not lack a man on the throne of Israel" and what did this mean? (compare 2 Samuel 7:11-14, 1 Kings 8:20, Psalms 132:11-12)

15. What was the condition that was attached to this promise?

16. David told Solomon of Joab's sins. What were they?

17. Adonijah sent Bathsheba to Solomon with what request?

18. What were Adonijah's true motives?

19. What was Adonijah's punishment?

1 Kings 3-4

1. When Solomon became king, the people were in the habit of offering sacrifices in what places?

2. Read 1 Kings 3:3 carefully. Was it good for Solomon and the people to be offering sacrifices in these places?

3. Read Leviticus 17:1-5 and Deuteronomy 12:13-14. What did these passages teach regarding where sacrifices should be offered?

4. Where did the idolaters of other nations typically offer their sacrifices?

5. Did the people have a reason for offering their sacrifices where they did? What was it? (1 Kings 3:2)

6. Was this a good reason?

7. If it seems that there is not a convenient way to do right, is it acceptable to do what would normally be wrong? Consider the following examples:


8. When God told Solomon to ask for something, for what did Solomon ask?

9. What three things are mentioned for which Solomon did not ask?

10. What did God give to Solomon?

11. Tell the story of the two women who argued over the baby.

12. This story is included in the Bible to illustrate what?

13. Read 1 Kings 4:20-34. Of all the things Solomon owned and of all the knowledge he had, what do you find to be the most impressive or interesting?

14. To what book of the Bible might one turn to read some of Solomon's wise sayings? See if you can find some of them in that book.

1 Kings 5-10

1. From where did the timber for the temple come?

2. What foreign laborers were hired to cut the wood, and why?

3. How was the wood transported from Lebanon to Jerusalem?

4. How many years had passed from the time the Israelites left Egypt to the time that the temple was begun?

5. In what year of Solomon's reign was the temple begun?

6. Read 1 Kings 6:2-4 and 6:16-17, and then fill in the dimension of the temple below. Give the dimensions in feet. One cubit = 11/2 feet.


7. In what year and month of Solomon's reign was the temple completed?

8. After the temple was completed, what else did Solomon build?

9. 1 Kings 7:13-50 describes the work of the man who made the furnishings for the temple. What was his name?

10. Was he the same man as the one mentioned in 5:1? (See 7:14 as well as 2 Chronicles 2:11-13)

11. It was a great occasion when what item was brought into the temple?

12. What filled the house of the Lord?

13. What Queen came to visit Solomon?

14. What had she heard about Solomon? (1 Kings 10:1,6)

15. Why did she come?

16. Was Solomon able to answer all her questions?

17. What does the expression "There was no more spirit in her" mean?

18. Before she came, had she believed all that had been told her concerning Solomon's wisdom?

19. Did she decide that what she had been told about Solomon was accurate?

20. How much gold came to Solomon in one year?

21. What did Solomon's navy from Tharshish bring, and how often?

22. Were there any kings that were either wiser or richer than Solomon?

1 Kings 11

1. At 1 Kings 11:1, the King James Version says, "Solomon loved many strange women". What does "strange" mean in this context?

2. Was it pleasing in God's sight for Solomon to have these wives? (See 1 Kings 11:2, Exodus 23:31-33, 34:12-16)

3. What did God say such relationships would cause? (1 Kings 11:2)

4. How many wives did Solomon have?

5. How many concubines?

6. What effect did these women have on Solomon?

7. Read Nehemiah 13:23-27. Memorize 13:26-27. You will be required to recite this passage in class.

8. What did God say he would do as a result of Solomon's sin?

9. In 2 Samuel 7:12-14, God said David's seed would reign after him and build a house for God's name. What house was being spoken of and who built it?

10. If this one who reigned after David were to commit iniquity, what did God say would happen? (2 Samuel 7:14)

11. What iniquity did Solomon commit?

12. How did God punish Solomon while he was living?

13. After Solomon's death, how did God punish Solomon and those who sinned with him?

14. Who was the prophet that relayed God's message to Jeroboam?

15. How many tribes did God give to Jeroboam?

16. Which tribes did God not give to Jeroboam?

17. Why didn't God give all the tribes to Jeroboam?

18. What year did Solomon die?

19. Who was Solomon's son that reigned in his place?

TEST: 1 KINGS 1-11

Name _________________________________ Date ___________________

Part 1: General Knowledge (true or false: 5 pts. each)

1.____ David was a young man during the time described in 1 Kings 1.

2.____ The events of 1 Kings 1-11 took place about 2,000 years before Christ.

3.____ Solomon was the son of Bathsheba.

4.____ David built the temple in Jerusalem.

5.____ Solomon was faithful to the Lord throughout his days.

Part 2: Chronology (multiple choice: 5 pts each)

1. If the Israelites came out of Egypt in 1446 B.C. and if Solomon began to build the temple 480 years later, in what year did Solomon begin to build the temple?


Solomon began
to build the Temple

Jesus' birth
(c. 1446 B.C.) ( ? B.C.)  

a. 1926 B.C.

b. 1926 A.D.

c. 966 B.C.

2. Which of the following happened last?

a. Solomon built the temple

b. Solomon's many foreign wives led him to accommodate idolatry.

c. Adonijah had a feast and did not invite Solomon.

3. Which of the following happened first?

a. David killed Goliath

b. Adonijah tried to take the throne away from David.


4. Which is the correct order of the first three kings of Israel?

a. Saul, Solomon, David

b. David, Solomon, Saul

c. Saul, David, Solomon

d. David, Solomon, Jereboam

5. Which of the following is in the correct order, from earliest to latest?

a. The Exodus, The Conquest of Canaan, The Period of Judges, Saul's reign, David's reign

b. The Exodus, The Conquest of Canaan, The Giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai, the Period of Judges

c. The Exodus, the Period of Judges, The Babylonian Captivity, Saul's reign, David's reign

Part 3: Major Events (5 pts. each)

1. The first chapter of 1 Kings describes a failed attempt by whom to take control of the kingdom?


2. The story of the two women who each claimed that a certain baby was hers is told to us to illustrate Solomon's


3. Chapters 5 and 6 describe the building of what?


4. Why was it dangerous for Solomon to marry foreign women?


5. Who was told that he would rule over ten tribes of Israel?


Part 4: Specifics (multiple choice: 1 pt. each)

1. The young woman brought to keep David warm was

a. the widow of Zarephath

b. Abishag the Shunammite

c. Debrah

d. Abigail

2. The King of Tyre who provided cedar and cypress timber to Solomon for the building of the temple was

a. Harold

b. Hagar

c. Herman

d. Hiram

3. Once every three years, ships of Tarshish brought various things to Solomon including


a. zebras

b. apes

c. elephants

4. The name of the prophet who worked with Bathsheba to assure that Solomon, not Adonijah, succeeded David as king was

a. Abiathar

b. Zadok

c. Nathan

5. The queen who had heard of Solomon's fame and came to see for herself was from

a. Syria

b. Libya

c. Lebanon

d. Tyre

e. Sheba

6. Haggith was

a. the father of Adonijah

b. the mother of Adonijah

c. the daughter of Adonijah

d. the brother of Adonijah

7. How many wives did Solomon have (including concubines)?

a. 300

b. 700

c. 1000

8. Who was the prophet that tore his robe into 12 pieces?


a. Nathan

b. Adonijah

c. Ahijah

9. Each of those pieces represented a

a. tribe

b. kingdom

c. city

10. Adonijah was put to death when he asked to marry Abishag because

a. the request was recognized as part of a continued effort by Adonijah to take the throne

b. Abishag was already married

c. Solomon wanted to marry Abishag

Part 5: The Temple (multiple choice: 5 pts each)

1. Which room was the largest?

a. The room nearest the entrance of the temple

b. The room farthest from the entrance of the temple

2. Which room was the largest?

a. The room in which the ark of the covenant was kept

b. The room in which the ark of the covenant was not kept

3. Which room was the largest?

a. The room known as the Inner Sanctuary, Most Holy Place

b. The room known as the Nave, or simply, the Sanctuary